Products and Services

Credit Life Insurance Plan (CLIP)

This insurance coverage is offered to all Members and allows PPMBAI to insure the individual borrowers of PPFCI for an amount equal to the loan granted. Premium is Php5.00/Php1,000.00.

Hospital Care Assistance (HCA)

Members contribute a minimum of P100.00 semi-annual.  Members are entitled to a daily cash allowance of Php300.00 for every day of confinement at any hospital.

Retirement Savings Fund (RSF)

Members contribute as part of their retirement fund. Minimum contribution is Php130.00 every semi-annual.  This fund earns an interest of 1.00% per annum.

Basic Life Insurance Plan (BLIP)

This is provided to all members and dependents of PPMBAI. Members contribute Php390.00 semi-annual. It also includes Burial Assistance.

Table of BLIP benefits are as follows: